Dal or Dhal (serves 4) - Dal, also spelled Dhal, is a very popular Indian dish. It can have the texture of soup, it can be a sauce or it can be a kind of binder for foods when people eat with their hands as is Read More
Causa Joanna or Potato Sandwich (makes 4) - I am so glad I came across this very popular Peruvian hand held food called causa. I have loosely it translated it as a Potato Sandwich. The true recipe is spicier and includes mayonnaise. I just really took the idea Read More
Sally’s Salad (serves 4 – 6) - This is a delicious and out-of-the-ordinary salad with a great homemade dressing. I will be serving this frequently and it makes for a perfect Holiday salad as it is red and green. The greens are a blend of romaine lettuce, Read More
Chicken Honey Mustard Wrap (per wrap) - When I have guests to stay around the Holidays and they need lunch I buy wraps (there are some gluten free brands depending on where you live) or corn tortillas. I put out the ingredients for this wrap and let Read More
A Chicken Stew (serves 4) - Another stew for winter packed with flavor - spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots and cannellini beans. I tossed the chicken in gluten free flour seasoned with salt and pepper and this thickened the stew nicely. Mashed potato would go well as Read More
Venison Ragu over Celeriac Mash (serves 4) - This is just about as healthy as you can get. Venison is a leaner meat than turkey and replacing mashed celeriac for mashed potato means no carbs. To the ground venison I added mushrooms and some jam like lingonberries (red Read More
Shrimp and Avocado Salad (serves 4) - A delicate salad that is perfect for a light lunch. Very quick to prepare - tear up a few mixed salad leaves, use little shrimp/prawns or cut up big ones, finely slice scallions, dice an avocado and you have it. Read More
Traditional Beef Stew with a Twist (serves 4) - First stew of the season. Cooking a stew isn't complicated but it can't be rushed. The onion needs to be softened and slightly browned, the chunks of beef need to be tossed in seasoned cornflour and then seared on all Read More
Chicken, Fennel, Celery and Avocado Salad with a Lemon Dressing (serves 4) - There's a lot of crunch in this salad with the fennel and celery offset by the avocado and it's very simple to make, especially if you use a store bought roasted chicken and take the skin off. The dressing is Read More
Roasted Cauliflower with a Provencale Sauce (serves 4) - I was inspired to make this because I really would like to taste a proper Pissaladiere - a Provencale specialty - but as I can't eat gluten and a visit to France isn't on the horizon I decided to make Read More

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