Warm Salad Nicoise (4) - A warm salad may sound a contradiction in terms and it will be interesting to see the reactions on the faces of people you serve it to - just as cold soup does. The original salad Nicoise originated in southern Read More
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Blended Rice and Mushrooms with Garlic and Herbs - Lovely, healthy mixture with the ingredients cooked separately then combined at the end. The chicken breast is amply sprinkled with lemon pepper – one of my favorite new spices (Simply Organic brand – you may have to order it online). Read More
Salmon Endive Canapes - Huge success over Christmas and New Year and everyone, young and old, loved them. This recipe combines two types of salmon – poached and smoked – lemon juice, mayonnaise and dill all mashed up and spread on endive leaves. Endives Read More
Chive Omelet (for 1 person) - Very, very simple to make and I love the subtle flavor of the chives – an ingredient that you may not have thought of putting in an omelet. I am always very careful when I eat eggs in restaurants because Read More
Jo’s Thai Pho Bowl (4) - This is, without doubt, the most authentic Thai dish I have created. By tasting and re-tasting each step of the way I think I have come up with a recipe that tastes really genuine and using fresh lemongrass made all Read More
Tomato and Chicken Tray Bake (4) - I love the ease of tray bakes. Everything goes into the oven together on the same baking tray and cooks at the same time – in this case baby tomatoes, French green beans (the thin ones), new potatoes, black olives Read More
Mini Mushroom Frittatas (makes 20) - Am always looking for new items to serve with cocktails to liven up the cheese and crackers/shrimp with cocktail sauce, etc. I will be serving these at Thanksgiving as nibbles. Cooked in a small muffin sized tray, preferably non-stick silicone, Read More
Exotic Fruit Salad (4) - My local Farmer’s Market has a wonderful tropical fruit stand selling a wide variety of ripe, colorful exotic fruits – some I have never seen or heard of before. I bought a bright and varied selection of them and made Read More
Smoked Mackerel Salad with a Lemony Mayo (4 as appetizer, 2 for entree) - Smoked mackerel is full of Omega 3 and can be found in some, but not all, supermarkets. It usually comes in two varieties – peppered and un-peppered. Personally, I find the peppered variety too overpowering. This salad is substantial and Read More
Broccoli, White Bean and Bacon Soup (4) - Another soup – different ingredients. I really like using white beans as a thickener, better for you than potatoes. Bacon adds a nice saltiness. I used back bacon (in the supermarket you may find it names ‘Irish bacon’) which is Read More

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