Olive, Cucumber, Red Onion, Avocado and Arugula Salad (serve 4)

Salads can come in all guises and this one is a little bit unusual, combining arugula (well, you could use any lettuce), black olives (preferably pitted) cucumber (English cucumber, because it doesn’t have seeds) and red onion. Combined together you have crunch and salt and greenery and it is a great addition to your salad recipes. It goes well with all sorts of most things. Put on any dressing you like.

Arugula, baby spinach. watercress or lettuce – enough to line a salad bowl – 3 or 4 oz.
Half an English cucumber – sliced and cut into small dice
A good slice or two of red onion – diced.
12 – 16 black olives – halved or quartered.

Put everything in a large salad bowl and toss with a dressing of your choice.


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