Chicken and Lentil Stew (serves 4)

A wonderful, light stew packed with goodness. The base is the usual trio of onion, carrots and celery, softened and browned a little. The chicken thighs, which I always think are tastier than chicken breasts in a stew, were seared to add more flavor. Then it is just broth and lentils and the addition of some anchovy paste – this really makes a difference and it is well known as a flavor ‘popper’.

2 tbsp. olive oil, seasoned with salt (lightly) and freshly ground black pepper
1 good size onion – chopped, not too finely
2 carrots – sliced and diced (say each slice cut into 4 pieces)
2 sticks of celery – sliced and diced (the same size as the carrot pieces)
6 chicken thighs – cut into bit size pieces
1 can of lentils – drained
2 cups of chicken broth
1 tsp. anchovy paste

Heat one tbsp. of oil in a Dutch oven and, when good and sizzling, tip in the onion and let soften and brown slightly, then add the carrots and celery.
Heat the other tbsp. of oil in a separate skillet and, again, when nicely hot, add the chicken pieces and sear on both sides then combine with the onion mixture.
Tip in the lentils, add the broth and stir in the anchovy paste.
Bring to a boil, then turn down the heat and simmer for around an hour.


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