Chicken Honey Mustard Wrap (per wrap)

When I have guests to stay around the Holidays and they need lunch I buy wraps (there are some gluten free brands depending on where you live) or corn tortillas. I put out the ingredients for this wrap and let them make their own – all very simple, plus a toothpick to keep it together. (there are some gluten free brands buy a variety of meats and cheeses and let them make their own sandwiches can find gluten free wraps or corn tortillas and they make a good, quick lunch. The problem is not over-stuffing them or else things drop out. I make a honey mustard sauce – equal parts honey and Dijon mustard and pour it into a squirt bottle (feels rather chef-y!). I am not too partial to tomatoes in my wraps so there aren’t any. Buy pre-cooked chicken if you want. Crunchy Romaine lettuce, cucumber and avocado round out the ingredients – altogether delicious.

1 wrap per – quantities of ingredients on how many people
Romaine lettuce – finely chopped
English cucumber – diced into small pieces
Avocado – finely diced
Cooked chicken – cut into small pieces
Equal amounts of Dijon mustard and runny honey – mixed together

Lay out the wrap on a chopping board. Make a base of lettuce, followed by cucumber, followed by avocado, followed by chicken.
Season a little with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Squirt over the honey mustard dressing. Roll up wrap, push in the ends, cut in two and secure with a cocktail stick.


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