Summer Berries with Rose Water (serves 4)

Ripe raspberries and strawberries are vital for this summer dessert because rose water isn’t as sweet as it sounds so it needs the ripe juices to offset it (or you could try adding a little sugar or may be confectioner’s sugar). You only need a small amount of rose water – taste a tiny bit on your finger and you will see why. I served this in a bowl but I think it might be a nice filling for a pavlova. Rose water is fairly readily available – Whole Foods (USA), Waitrose (UK) and also online – go for a good quality one.

6 oz. raspberries
8 oz. strawberries
1/2 tsp. rose water

Leave the raspberries whole but cut up the strawberries into small pieces. Place berries in a bowl, pour over the rose water and stir well. Leave out on the counter top for an hour or so before serving so the juices mingle and toss from time to time.


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