Orange Mango Ice Pops (4)

Sometimes in the evenings I just want something sweet and these are naturally sweet – unlike sorbet – and refreshing. I ordered some ice pop molds (or, ice lolly – the English name for ice pops). First of all I just used freshly squeezed orange juice – it tasted nice but a little watery. Talking it over with a friend we decided it would be worth pureeing some mango but dilute it with orange juice. I used a honey mango because they are in season now in South Florida. They are smaller than a regular mango and are yellow in color. They are also sweeter and less pulpy. However, an ordinary mango would do instead. To get a smooth blend either use a hand held blender or a food processor.

1 honey mango or half a regular mango – chopped into small pieces

Juice of 2 oranges – pulp is OK too

Place the mango in a bowl and trickle in the orange juice, blending all the while. Pour into popsicle containers and freeze for 2 hours at least.


You can buy the ice pop molds through my website (visit the ‘Products’ page). I am an Amazon Associate so I will benefit financially but you will still pay the same price as if you ordered them direct from Amazon. I am not paid to promote products, I bring them to your attention because either I use them or think they are interesting enough to to bring to your attention.


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