Poulet aux Olives Verts (4)

photo - poulet aux olives

Vacationing in France one year I was all set to order the special of the day, Poulet aux Olives Verts (Chicken with Green Olives) and had even glimpsed it going by my table to a lucky customer. When it came to me ordering it was all sold out and I haven’t seen anything comparable since. I just had to recreate it and used chicken thighs (bone in and skin on) and green olives. Chicken thighs have a deeper flavor and I seared the skin until it was well-browned before putting it in the casserole dish. Get the best good chicken broth you can as it does make a difference. Serve with mashed potatoes or a baked potato to soak  up the sauce and as a vegetable French green beans are good – they are finer.

1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil seasoned with freshly ground black pepper

1 onion – chopped

2 cloves of garlic – finely chopped or grated

4 chicken thighs

4 oz. green olives without pits/pips – halved (I used big green olives)

1 cup chicken broth/stock

Heat oil in a cast iron casserole dish and when sizzling add onion and let soften for a couple of minutes then add the garlic.

Cook for a further few minutes until onion starts to go brown.

Remove onions and garlic from casserole dish and set aside on a plate.

Place chicken thighs in casserole dish and sear on both sides making sure the skin is nicely browned.

Add olives and broth, bring to boil, then simmer for 20 minutes with a lid on.





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