Chicken and Spinach Soup (serves 4)

Chicken and Spinach Soup (serves 4)

Home-made chicken broth/stock is something I only make if I have an organic, no GMO feed, no antibiotics, etc. kind of chicken. This particular chicken produced a really good jelly once it cooled down as I used the gravy/jus from my Umbrian Chicken recipe and then diluted it until all the chicken bits – legs, wings, carcass were 3/4 covered with liquid. I added 3 bay leaves, half an onion (cut into quarters) and two carrots (cut into chunks). I brought the liquid to a boil then simmered contents of pot for one and a half hours (turning chicken carcass over half way through). Cooled contents and put in fridge overnight, removed skin from bones and threw them away along with bay leaves, leaving me with chicken meat.

Placed chicken meat back in pot (cast iron casserole dish) along with 5 oz. spinach, seasoned it with salt and freshly ground black pepper, brought to boil and simmered for 20 minutes. Liquidized contents and there was my ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.


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