Curry in a Hurry (serves 4)


Curry in a Hurry (serves 4)

Curries were one of my favorite things to eat pre-intolerances. Now, apart from the fact that curry restaurants are few and far between here in Florida, I can’t be quite sure of the ingredients. You can imagine how pleased I was to come across Sharwood’s Tikka Paste at the supermarket. It appears to be fine for me to eat (gram flour is made from yellow split peas). I used it the basis for my curry but added baby spinach and strained tomatoes (faint echoes of ‘gosht’). The key to cooking it quickly is to slice the chicken thinly and cut it into small pieces, then you can have curry on the table in around 15 minutes. P. S. I did not take my inspiration from Sharwood’s recipe on the jar, just in case you are wondering! Can serve with quinoa and I like baby new potatoes too. Might try this with lamb too but cooking time would be much longer so lamb became very tender.

2 tbsp. Sharwood’s Tikka Paste

1/2 a largish onion – diced

8 oz. chicken breasts – finely sliced and then cut into small pieces

1 cup veg. broth/stock

1 cup strained tomatoes (Pomi brand)

10 oz. baby spinach

Place Tikka paste and onion in a cast iron casserole dish and cook for a couple of minutes to soften.

Add chicken and cook until it has gone white on each side.

Add veg. broth, strained tomatoes and baby spinach and cook for 15 minutes (check chicken is cooked through)


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