Wicked Good Potatoes (serves 4)

Wicked Good Potatoes (serves 4)

Next time you roast a chicken serve these potatoes as a side dish. The potatoes are mashed with roasted garlic and chorizo sausage, a little bit of olive oil and veg. broth/stock. I buy my ground/minced chorizo (it is very lean) from the Farriss Farms stand at the West Palm Beach Farmer’s market or the Gardens Green Market, Palm Beach Gardens. You can order it online from Wild Idea Buffalo Co. along with all sorts of different kinds of buffalo steaks, sausages, etc. Or you can use chorizo sausages and take the skin off. I roasted 2 large cloves of garlic in the oven for 20 minutes while the chicken was cooking and then crushed them and mashed them into the potatoes along with the cooked, ground/minced chorizo.

2 large baking potatoes – washed and chopped into chunks (I kept skin on)

2 large cloves of garlic – roasted in oven for 20 minutes until soft

8 oz. ground chorizo – cooked in a skillet

Extra virgin olive oil – for mashing potatoes

Veg. broth – for mashing potatoes

Salt and freshly ground black pepper (if needed, as chorizo adds a spicy flavor)

Cook potatoes and mash with olive oil and veg. broth until desired consistency.

Add cooked chorizo and crushed garlic and mash in well.


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