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Mediterranean Frittata Wrapped in Proscuitto (makes 12 – muffin size)

Mediterranean Frittata Wrapped in Proscuitto (makes 12 – muffin size)

I had a lovely time in the kitchen today experimenting with these and they taste deliciously different. Will need to repeat as I need a thicker slice of prosciutto and am supposed to be giving a demonstration to a group of gals next week. Mine wouldn’t have won a prize for looks, but in an ideal world you would squish a slice or two of prosciutto into a muffin mould and hopefully have enough to fold over the egg mixture (if not don’t worry). Once this part is over the rest is easy. Saute some onion, take off heat and add chopped tomato and chopped black olives. When cool enough add six beaten eggs and mix. Then ladle on top of prosciutto and place in oven for about 20 minutes or until egg mixture is firm. Good, portable food and nice cold too. I am also going to make mini muffins minus the prosciutto for my next book club meeting.

You could put any number of different fillings for the muffins that you think would go well together – mushroom and spinach, tomato and spinach, etc. Could serve with a nice, tossed salad as this recipe is kind of quiche without pastry.

12 (or more) slices of prosciutto not to thinly sliced and with as much fat as possible removed.

1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1/2 an onion – finely chopped

1 large, ripe (essential) plum tomato – cut into 1/8ths and finely chopped

12 pitted black olives – finely chopped

6 eggs – beaten

Line muffin moulds with prosciutto.

Saute onion in olive oil seasoned with freshly ground black pepper (olives provide the salt)

Remove onion from heat and let skillet cool.

Whisk eggs and add chopped tomato, olives and cooled onions.

Ladle into muffin moulds and cook for around 20 minutes.


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