Turkey Roll-ups (serves 4)

Turkey Roll-ups (serves 4)

These are good for lunch and sort of like a sandwich without the bread or a wrap without the wrap – basically, just the innards. I think if you use pre-sliced turkey (the sort that comes sealed in plastic at the supermarket) it will roll up just fine. I had mine cut at the deli counter and it was a little thin so I shall ask for thicker next time. Lay the turkey on a chopping board and spread each slice (say 2 per person) with a dollop of homemade lemon hummus (see my recipe), top with thin slices of avocado and cucumber. Then roll up and eat. If making ahead to go in lunch box or for a picnic I would toss the avocado in a little lemon juice before rolling up in turkey. This will prevent the avocado from going brown.

8 slices of roast turkey
Lemon hummus
1/2 an English cucumber – thinly sliced
1 avocado – thinly sliced.

Prepare as above.


One thought on “Turkey Roll-ups (serves 4)

  1. At my grocery, the deli’s slicing machine has numbers for the thickness of slices. When I want to roll something in a slice of meat, I ask for the meat to be sliced on number 1 1/2. Obviously, you can play with this. I got to this number by asking them to go just a little thicker than the standard deli slice.

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