Smoked Salmon Smeared with Taramosalata

Smoked Salmon Smeared with Taramosalata

This is a wicked appetizer! Taramosalata has 60 calories all from fat, but no trans fat, in 1 tbsp. It is SO delicious and I serve it on special occasions.
Calculate 2 pieces of smoked salmon per person, smear each slice with taramosalata and let everyone help themselves. Years ago I served the same thing in a ramekin dish, placed salmon in ramekin and scooped taramosalata into the middle.
Brand I used (stumbled upon it in my local Mediterranean Market and Deli, I was so happy!) is Krinos. It does contain lactic acid (jury seems to be out as to whether it is dairy) but I seem to be able to tolerate it.


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