Sexy Eggs

Sexy Eggs

Growing up in England we dipped toast ‘soldiers’ (strips of buttered toast) into soft boiled eggs and we played games with our eggs such as turning the empty egg over and saying ‘I don’t want to eat my egg’ and our parents would say ‘Oh, but you must’ and on it went until we turned the egg over again and showed that we had eaten it!

This is a grown-up version of ‘soldiers’ involving asparagus (thin baby asparagus is best and cooked al dente). Must be eaten immediately. If you want to you can dip your piece of asparagus into your egg and feed it to your partner!!

Cook baby asparagus in boiling water (2 – 3 spears person) until ‘al dente’.
Cook eggs (depending how many you want/how many people there are) in boiling water for 3 1/2 minutes.
Serve immediately.


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