Blackened Fish (serves 4)

Blackened Fish (serves 4)

Blackened fish is on almost every menu in South Florida and if not the restaurant can usually serve it blackened. You can get blackened salmon, swordfish, shrimp or my favorite, Mahi Mahi. It is often served with black beans and rice and maybe a fruit salsa. I have tried blackening fish at home with disappointing results because my blend of spices just wasn’t right. So, I investigated the spice section of the supermarket and found some Creole seasoning (Konriko brand which is also gluten free). If you are visiting Florida you may want to take some home with you. This seasoning is a spicy addition to lots of different foods.

So, basically take 4 pieces of firm white fish or wild salmon. Dip both sides of the fish in olive oil and sprinkle the Creole seasoning over each side of the fish too. I cooked it in the oven on a cake rack over a roasting dish for 20 minutes – delicious, simple and a winner. Maybe a little lemon juice squeezed over too.


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