Lemon Marinade for Chicken (serves 4)

Lemon Marinade for Chicken (Serves 4)

Being a Brit having people over for a BBQ is a bit hit and miss (and therefore marinating meat/veg). We recently spent a weekend with friends and the chicken was marinated in a lemon garlic sauce. I came home and re-created it and it was SO delicious and so simple – only involving a Ziploc bag and a couple of ingredients. I marinated the chicken for 4 hours but longer may be even tastier.

I used 2 chicken breasts which, when cooked I sliced over a Mexican Salad (see next recipe) and this is why I say it served 4.

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 3 mayer lemons
Zest of 1 mayer lemon
salt and freshly ground lemon
4 cloves of garlic – roughly chopped

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until emulsified.
Place chicken breasts in a Ziploc bag and add olive oil/lemon mixture and give the bag a shake periodically.
After 4 hours or more, take chicken breasts out of bag and grill in oven/on BBQ, etc.
Make sure to discard marinade as it has had raw chicken in it.


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