Pork, Apricot and Pistachio Muffins (makes approx. 12)

Pork, Apricot and Pistachio Muffins (makes approx. 12)

Am rather proud of this invention – tastes good, looks good, can be eaten hot as a main course or cold with a salad, fantastic for picnics and if made into mini muffins are perfect for hors d’oeuvres. Additionally, the meat and fruit component can be altered – think turkey and cranberries. To top it all, preparation is very easy, especially if you buy pre-shelled pistachios.

1 oz. shelled pistachio nuts
2 oz. dried apricots
8 oz. ground/minced pork
handful of parsley – finely chopped
1 x egg – beaten
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Oil for greasing muffin tin

Put shelled pistachios and apricots in food processor and process until they are in small chunks.
Place this mixture into a large bowl, add rest of ingredients and mix well together.
Make mixture into balls and place in greased muffin tin (I use a silicone muffin tin which is really non-stick).
Cook for 20 minutes and then turn oven off and leave for a further 10 minutes.
Turn out onto a plate lined with paper towel to absorb any fat and dab top of muffins too.


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