Crushed Potatoes with Pesto (serves 4)

Crushed Potatoes with Pesto (serves 4)

My kitchen has been a hive of activity today and the ‘thumbs up’ has been given to the various recipes I have produced which will all be coming your way day by day.

I had some left over vegan pesto (no cheese) and added it to crushed, rather than fully mashed boiled potatoes (and I left the skins on for extra goodness). Adding the pesto while the potatoes were still hot let the oily pesto really flavor the potatoes. I imagine these potatoes going well with a grilled fish (maybe lie the fish on top of the potatoes) or a roast.

4 medium size baking potatoes – cut into chunks
2 – 3 tbsp. vegan pesto

Cook potatoes in boiling water in a covered pan for 10 minutes or so until just tender.
Crush the potatoes with a potato masher.
Add pesto and mix well.


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