Raft of Asparagus and Spinach Topped With a Poached Egg (serves 4)

Raft of Asparagus and Spinach Topped with a Poached Egg (serves 4)

This recipe is ideal for brunch (though could also do for a light lunch or supper) as it is a healthy take on Eggs Florentine with Hollandaise Sauce. Poached eggs go well with spinach and they go well with asparagus too, so I combined the veggies into one recipe and it was a great combo. I used thin asparagus as it is tenderer. I rinsed the spinach and didn’t need to add any more water in order to cook it in a covered pan. I cut the asparagus in half (so I had one half with the tip on it and the other half had no tip) and started with a layer of asparagus, then I added a layer of spinach, and finally, another layer of asparagus with the tips on and topped the vegetables with a poached egg.

My method for poaching eggs is to boil a (wide) pan of water and add some white wine vinegar. Crack egg onto a plate as it is easier that way to slide it into the boiling water. When the water has boiled swirl it with a slotted spoon and create a whirlpool. Slide the egg in and use the slotted spoon to push the white bits back toward the egg. Then you can add another egg, repeat process with up to 4 eggs into a wide pan at one time. Turn the heat down a little and cook for around 3 minutes (if you like a firm white and a soft yolk). Dry on paper towel, then plop onto asparagus mixture.


1 pound of thin asparagus – cut in half

10 oz. baby spinach – rinsed

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Poached eggs


Cook asparagus in boiling water in a covered pan until just tender (only a couple of minutes)

Cook spinach until just tender (again a couple of minutes) and place on paper towel top and bottom.


Start with a layer of asparagus on a plate and season with salt and pepper.

Add a layer of spinach and season.

Finish with a layer of asparagus with the tips on.

Top with a poached egg and serve.




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