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Spicy Walnuts

Spicy Walnuts

Spicy walnuts make great cocktail nibbles. There will probably be none left. At first bite you might think they don’t taste spicy but the taste comes a little later. They are quite fiery so fiddle with the spices if you find them too hot. They are also a tasty addition to a chicken salad or a green salad with avocado and the list goes on.


8 oz walnuts

1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 1/2 tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce

1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Pinch of salt


Place all ingredients except walnuts in a bowl and mix together.

Add walnuts and mix well.

Tip mixture onto a baking tray and roast in oven for 15 minutes.

Let cool and they are ready to eat.


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