Almond Milk

Almond Milk

I hadn’t thought about making my own almond milk and I didn’t know what, other than almonds, it was made out of. I was interested in it because I was wondering if it could be a milk substitute in recipes. In the supermarket I checked various brands of almond milk and found that they contained certain ingredients I was uncertain about (if I don’t understand the ingredients in a product I generally don’t buy it). Mentioning this casually to an Australian friend of mine, she said I could make it myself from ground almonds and water – what could be easier than that.

Almond milk has been around for centuries, though I thought it was a new creation. It is both gluten and lactose free and is packed with vitamins and minerals.  I don’t often find pre-ground almonds but I know they are out there, which would make the recipe even easier. It looks like milk and it doesn’t taste of almonds, it tastes quite like milk, only not as sweet as today’s milk – could be a winner. Will try it in my coffee tomorrow. Just tried it – it’s great in coffee. First time I have had anything other than black coffee in over a year. Yeah!


1 cup almond slivers

2 cups boiling water


Grind almonds in food processor until they are finely ground.

Pour water into food processor and process until frothy.

Leave for 10 minutes and process again until frothy


Let cool, then refrigerate.


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