Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

There are so many deviled eggs recipes out there, many with other ingredients added in – bacon, olives, you name it. I love deviled eggs – the traditional kind – and this is what I am taking as my contribution to a friend’s house tonight. They are easy to prepare and easy to eat.  I used Colman’s mustard which is much stronger than Dijon mustard – it is somewhat of an acquired taste unless you grew up in England. Deviled eggs are good as hors d’oeuvres (or try deviled quail’s eggs), they are also good for a picnic and cater to vegetarians. These eggs were a big success and I was asked for my recipe. Extra ingredient – a sprinkling of celery salt.


6 eggs – hard boiled

2 tbsp. mayonnaise

1/2 teasp. Colman’s mustard (this has mustard flour in it but it didn’t upset me)

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Celery salt


Boil eggs until hard boiled

When cool, peel and cut in half

Mix mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper together, then add yolks and mash.

Put this mixture back into the egg and sprinkle with celery salt.


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