Fennel, Celery and Avocado Salad with a Lemon Dressing

Fennel, Celery and Avocado Salad with a Lemon Dressing (serves 4)

This a crisp salad with a light lemon dressing and one of my very favorite salads. Whenever I have made it, it is a big success. If people are a bit reluctant – fennel, in a salad, dont’ know if I will like it – I urge them to try a tiny bit and then they are hooked.  It’s unusual enough that people won’t have had it before and simple enough that they can go home and make it. Give it a try

1 large fennel bulb – topped, tailed and sliced

3 large sticks of celery – cut into little strips

1 medium size avocado – diced

1 1/2 tbsp. olive oil

Juice or half a lemon

salt and freshly ground pepper


Slice fennel and then chop into pieces (not too small)

Cut each celery stick into 3 and then slice each third of the celery stick into match sticks.

Dice avocado

Place fennel, celery and avocado into a large bowl and add oil, lemon juice and seasoning, then toss.

Taste to see whether dressing needs more oil/lemon juice according to your taste.

Leave out for a couple of hours before serving so the dressing can flavor the vegetables.


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