Red fruit salad with Creme de Cassis

Red Fruit Salad with Crème de Cassis (serves 4)

Given that there are few deserts I can eat safely due to my intolerances, I often make fruit salads for dessert. This fruit salad looks nice with the red of the strawberries and raspberries against the purple-blue of the blueberries. It  is strawberry season now in Florida so if you can get hold of some they will actually taste like a strawberry. Don’t put the fruit in the fridge and when you make the fruit salad make it a couple of hours ahead and leave it out so that the liquor sinks in and stir it periodically.   A couple of tablespoons of Crème de Cassis livens the whole thing up just like it does when you put some in a glass of Champagne and it becomes Kir Royale (if you have never tried it, do). I served this fruit  salad to friends with great success – they loved the flavor of the Crème de Cassis and kept adding more to the fruit! It is so simple to make – the only thing you have to do is cut up the strawberries.


8 oz strawberries – cut into quarters

8 oz raspberries

8 oz blueberries

2 tbsp. Crème de Cassis


Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Pour over the Crème de Cassis and stir.

Keep stirring periodically.


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