Rambling Musings on being gluten and lactose intolerant

Rambling musings on being gluten and lactose intolerant

1.  Discovering I was both gluten and lactose intolerant has changed my life for the better. My diet is very healthy  now (not that I thought I had an unhealthy diet before but you have a much healthier diet when you have no pasta, rice, cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. )

2.  Weight loss without trying – 10 – 12 pounds in a year.  Dropped a dress size or 2. Some clothes have had to go to Goodwill.

3.  Energy – would rather have energy than lethargy.

4.  Clear skin (spots are an indicator I have mistakenly eaten gluten/lactose by mistake).

5.  Converts – a friend saw me for dinner, thought I looked so well, heard my story and was inspired to change her diet – what a compliment.

6.  Bought a new outfit and a complete stranger came over and complimented me – said I looked wonderful (it was a combo of outfit and radiance from diet – it really makes that much of a difference).’

7.  The recipes on my blog keep you feeling full and you can have seconds so it is not a ‘diet’ in a food deprived way.

8.  I will add to this on an occasional basis – life is good on a gluten/lactose free diet.

8. Most of my recipes are quick and easy.



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