My Story – Gluten and Lactose Intolerance

It crept up on me slowly

– symptoms were sporadic to start with because of varied diet

– symptoms accelerated – itchy spots on only one side of my face, chronic diarrhea after eating the wrong food, lethargy

– result – intolerance (not allergy, which is more serious) to both gluten and lactose


– Read book “Wheat Belly’ – game changer for me

– Read food labels closely

– Adapt recipes and cooked from scratch (blog)

What I have learned

– For me, intolerances have been a bonus as they have made me really care about what I eat.

– Love to cook  and share through my recipes (blog) super healthy  dishes that appeal to ALL people, intolerant or not.

– Gained a mission in life to spread the word that food intolerances aren’t, in my case,  a negative but a positive – more energy, better diet, better skin, effortless weight loss –


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