Quail’s Eggs with Faux Caviar (or the real thing)

Quail’s Eggs with Faux Caviar (or the real thing)

At this time of the year I have several occasions which require hors d’oeuvres and I am always looking for new items to prepare that are gluten and lactose free. These quails eggs were an instant hit and looked nice too. I used a brand called Mujjol Caviar which used no artificial coloring and seemed the healthiest variety I could find. If you don’t like the idea of the caviar a little bit of ground sea salt is an alternative.

1 x carton quail’s eggs – hardboiled, peeled and cut in half

Mujjol caviar

Cook the quail’s eggs for 5 minutes. Let cool, peel and cut in half.

Top eggs with a small amount of faux caviar and serve.


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