Delicious Gluten and Lactose Free Recipes

Being diagnosed as both gluten and lactose intolerant recently means some real adjustments in the cooking and eating areas of one’s life. And it is a life long adjustment so embracing the idea is better than thinking of all the foods you can never eat again (bread, bagels, wraps,cheese, milk and cereal, yoghurt, etc, etc.). In my case, and according to a book I read – Wheat Belly – it is better to keep off all kinds of wheat, barley, oats, rice, pasta, etc. and not to replace them with gluten-free products (which have high amounts of other products in them that are not any healthier – sugar, etc.).

So what can you eat and enjoy – the answer is plenty. And this is what I want to show you on this blog – with fresh produce, easy recipes, that all taste delicious. I devise new recipes and adapt and put my own twist on other recipes and I love experimenting – you can really enjoy cooking and eating and sharing meals with friends and family. The best thing is no more bloating, gas, tiredness, trips to the bathroom in a hurry.

I have never felt better than when I became gluten and lactose intolerant and have lost weight effortlessly. 1 in 133 people in the US are gluten intolerant and 40 million in the US (yes, I double checked!) are lactose intolerant. So I am presuming there are a fair number who are in my predicament and hope that my recipes fill a gap in the market and will attract followers who can benefit.


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